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We think we're great, but don't take our word for it! 

Have a look at some of the feedback we've had over our 34 years.

TYT Dancer

"TYT is like my other family! They are all so friendly and encouraging. I have so much fun every week attending Middies and Rhythm and my skills are really developing in Company.  It's my favourite part of the week and I have really enjoyed helping out in Juniors.  TYT is a great experience for all and everyone should try it!"

Cecily, TYT Company, Drama & Dance

Taking part in the weekly Masterclasses was a beneficial experience for us. We were able to extend our knowledge on drama, including learning about the various jobs in the industry, discovering how to be successful in auditions and generally coming up with inspiration for performance pieces...we were thrilled to take part in these acting classes during Lockdown.

Daisy & Thea, Masterclass


TYT was such a vital part of my growing up, and such a great way to help young people gain confidence and feel a part of something, no matter their confidence level. Long live TYT!

Lucy, Past Member

Confidence, creativity, lifelong friends, strong role models, happy teenage years, laughter, imagination - 25 years ago TYT gave me, my friends and siblings so much. Long may it continue.

Claire, Past Member


My daughter has been a part of TYT for 4 years and [loved] every minute. Looking forward to this year's Summer Project!

Shirley, Parent

A massive thank you for the amazing week of drama last week - the girls had such fun time and loved every minute of it! Congratulations on making the week flow so smoothly thanks to your great organisational skills and on making the 2 shows such a success. We as parents were immensely proud of the girls performing in the shows and were so impressed with the whole production - beautiful costumes, magical choreography and accomplished directing! I particularly loved the avalanche scene - what a spectacle! Thank you!!!  

Kate, Parent, Mulan 2019 

TYT August 2017 (312 of 329).jpg
Laughs All Round!

Dear Holly and Kieran

A HUGE thank you to you both for all your hard work with preparing the children for the Honeycomb and for all your energy and enthusiasm on the day - Thea had a wonderful time and what an experience for all of them! You have done an amazing job and, may I say, we quite stood out with a grown-up theatre performance on the night of musical crowd pleasers aplenty. I was soooo proud! 

Kate, Parent, An Inspector Calls, April 2019

 have been a member of Thame youth theatre since I was about nine years old, and can’t believe I am about to go into my final year! I go to dance classes several times a week and especially love it when all our hard work comes together, and we get to perform what we have achieved in front of our family and friends in our annual March show. The evening of a show has such a great atmosphere and performing is such a buzz!


Once a year there is a chance for the older years to audition to perform in an extra class (Rhythmix or Element) depending on age. This is a smaller group and I have been fortunate enough to be one of those chosen, and enjoy the challenges it brings. I am an assistant in one of the classes for the younger years, Pulse.

I absolutely love helping them. The teachers are very nice and approachable. 


I am looking forward to the TYT Summer project, which is going to be very exciting, as we are going to be performing The Greatest Show (The Greatest Showman). The team in Drama are really nice and helpful too. I will miss Thame youth theatre.

Charly, Dynamics Dance, 2013-2021


Dear Tom,

Just to say a big thank you to you [Tom] and Paige for a great effort in putting on fantastic shows this term. I particularly liked the music and dancing in the Frog Prince, which was so enjoyable for the children and the viewers! More, more please, perhaps with a little singing next…? 

My congratulations to both casts, as the children put in a lot of effort into acting and remembering all the lines - very impressive!

Credit to both of you for keeping the groups involved and so keen. I am sure it is not easy ensuring children's concentration stays focused.

Kate, Parent, The frog Prince, March 2016

Hi Paige

A HUGE thank you for the fabulous show - the best so far! The script was spot on and I loved the acting, dancing and singing. The costumes were superb and I particularly liked the dance around a sleeping Alice by the fairy-like dancers - felt very emotional then! The energy was electric and the children clearly had great fun, as did the audience. Not to mention the 2 most hilarious boys leading the 'Mad Hatter party' scene - I could watch them for hours!

Kate, Parent, Alice In Wonderland, July 2018


 thank you very much for all of your work in the past and I wish your team all the best in the future.

Parent, March 2022

Hi Holly,

Thanks so much for last week - Cat had a ball and the production was excellent. Congratulations to you and your team

Parent, Greatest Show, Project August 2021


Hi Holly and Kieran

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for last week. Alice had the best time ever! And the show was amazing!! Everyone worked so hard and were so enthusiastic and the energy shone through. Absolutely well done!

Parent, Greatest Show, Project August 2021 


Just wanted to thank you for giving my girls a wonderful week and help re ignite the love for drama for my eldest Belle who has found the last 18 months very hard with the cancellations of performances.

Parent, Greatest Show, Project August 2021


A massive thank you to all of you involved in organising and teaching last week. My three had a truly awesome five days and we thought the show was a massive achievement.  You brought out the best in all those children and young people. 


A million thank yous for making dreams come alive!!!!


Hope you all get a few days holiday now.

Best wishes 

Madalene and Stuart 

( Freya Lois & Rosa)

Parent, Greatest Show, Project August 2021 


A belated but no less deserved well done for yet another fabulous Show. 

Both Matty & Emmy thoroughly enjoyed the whole week and were so pleased the show went as well as it did

Sarah S

Kate, Parent, Alice In Wonderland, July 2018

Parent, Greatest Show, Project August 2021


My son no longer does Thame Theatre. He always had such a great time doing it though -so thank you!!!


TYT August 2017 (315 of 329).jpg

I took part in TYT between 2010-2012 and loved it, some great memories! 

Jack, ex member, 2010

TYT August 2017 (286 of 329).jpg
TYT August 2017 (315 of 329).jpg
Building Friendship

Our daughter, Elinor,  loved Thame Youth Theatre. But given that she’s now 23, no longer living at home and a student, it’s probably time you took us off your mailing list. 

She graduates in the summer from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. So you trained her well…


Jonathan, ex parent, 

TYT August 2017 (315 of 329).jpg
Building Friendship

Our daughter, Elinor,  loved Thame Youth Theatre. But given that she’s now 23, no longer living at home and a student, it’s probably time you took us off your mailing list. 

She graduates in the summer from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. So you trained her well…


Jonathan, ex parent, 

TYT August 2017 (315 of 329).jpg

Hi Holly

Just wanted to say a big thank you for you and your team for summer project this year - what a triumph!

The production was just brilliant and it was lovely to see such a large group - a huge amount of work for you but so glad to see TYT is thriving!

Celeste has the best week, thank you for all your hard work, we really appreciate it.

Best wishes for a lovely summer,

Coral & Scott

Coral & Scott, parents 

TYT August 2017 (315 of 329).jpg

Hi Holly (and all TYT crew)

Just wanted to say thank you for last week. Penny had the best time working on the production of Matilda. We were amazed at what you all achieved in a week, such a fantastic show - we enjoyed it so much!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Rachel, parent

TYT August 2017 (315 of 329).jpg

I am a little lost for words about how special summer project was. I am very, very grateful to all of you who made it happen.


You have given my three children a gift greater than you know. I am very grateful to you all.


Aside from the general awesomeness of the experience, the show was fantastic. So many children performing so well and so involved in the whole production. They were cast brilliantly and you really got the best out of them. The speed of the scene changes and the variety of clever methods used on stage all came together to create another triumph. 


Congratulations and a million thank you's

See you in September 

Madeline, parent

TYT August 2017 (315 of 329).jpg

Dear Holly

I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye to you on Friday night but I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations for putting on such a great production of Matilda Junior. Both Georgia and Ollie have loved their week at summer project and were feeling quite blue yesterday they wouldn’t be seeing their new friends! I think Georgia is particularly going to miss the seniors.

Please pass on my thanks to Paige, Kieran, Camilla, Sasha, Kat and Eleyna and the rest of the crew for all their hard work last week too. I could tell from your emails that there was huge amount for you to all coordinate, quite apart from handling 60+ children! Talking to friends after all their kids had loved the week and siblings were impressed by the show too - so I think you’re going to have a lot more recruits for classes and summer project next year!

Alex, parent

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