Past Productions

TYT has been going since the 1980s! Here's a selection of some of our past productions.


Spontaneous improvisation

Edward Bond

Devised & Scripted


Stephanie Devised

Next Please Spontaneous improvisation

The Sea by Edward Bond

A Christmas Miscellany Devised & Scripted

De Kretser, Walters & Hayes

Spontaneous Imrpovisation

David Calcutt




Musical by De Krester, Walters & Hayes (Apollo Theatre, Oxford)

Four Step Out Spontaneous improvisation

Theseus Tyrannos by David Calcutt

Four Short Plays Various

Scrooge Devised

Bertolt Brecht

Scripted & Devised


William Shakespeare


David Campton


Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht

Celts Scripted & Devised

Dr Robert's Cabinet of Dreams Devised

As You Like It by William Shakespeare

All Fall Down Devised

Timesneeze by Devid Campton

Denise Deegan

Chris Walters

Scripted & Devised

Georg Buchner

Alfred Jarry

Book & Music by Robert Deering

Street T


Daisy Pulls It Off by Denise Deegan

Jack In The Box by Chris Walters

Walls - Scripted & Devised

Woyzeck by George Buchner

Ubu Rex by Alfred Jarry

Where is Nellop's Sister Book & Music by Robert Deering

Carnival - Street Theatre with giant puppets

Jack In The Box by Chris Walters

Romulus the Great by Friedrich Durrenmatt


Next Please

The Sea

A Christmas Miscellany


Tea House - Lao She

Heads & Tales - Classic fairy tales scripted by Walters & devised

The Nose - Gogol, adapted by Paul Sherreard

Oddity Odyssey - Devised by Robert Deering & cast

We Want A Pool - Street Theatre

Double Crossing - Chris Walters

Nursery Crime - Chris Walters

Great Expectations - Dickens/Walters

Rounds - Patrick Collins

Peter and his Chairs - Devised


Next Please

The Sea

A Christmas Miscellany


The Passion by Tony Harrison

Melric the Magician by McKee/Walters

Second Time Lucky by Jo Mace

The Waiting Room by Tom Banks & Conor Begley

Pyrius D4 by Chris Walters

Nursery Crime by Chris Walters

Double Crossing by Chris Walters
Laura Causes a Fuss by Paul Sherrard
Writer's Block by Richard Jackson

Jekyll & Hyde by Stevenson adapted by Chris Walters

She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith


Next Please

The Sea

A Christmas Miscellany


Directors Cut by Sarah Hayes

In It To Win It by Chris Walters

On the Goblin Rock by Deering & Hayes Musical 

The Tempest byWilliam Shakespeare

Get Away by Tom Banks

Ouch! That Hurt devised by Juniors

The Nativity by Tony Harrison


Next Please

The Sea

A Christmas Miscellany


Animal Farm by Orwell/Peter Hall

Melange A Trois by New Writing Triple Bill

The Prince, the lady part 1 by Chris Walters

Four For Dinner by Richard Jackson

Matilda by Dahl adapted Scourfield & Hall

The Greenberg Test devised Seniors

Captain Najork/The Red Apple by Hoban/Loof adapted by Walters/Hayes

The Prince, the lady & the Travelling by Walters


Indians by Arthur Kopit


Next Please

The Sea

A Christmas Miscellany


Flying Wright Brothers Devised

A New Year's Dream Devised

Little Shop Of Horrors by Ashman & Menken

Four Short Plays by Juniors/devised, Seniors/combined

Snapshots (centernary of Thame Cottage Hospital) by Chris Walters, juniors & Seniors combined

The Prince, the lady etc By Walters

Green Eye, Red, Circus: Theatre Chagall by Paintings in Performance visual arts & theatre

Benson Shoe By Paul Sherreard

Mr Nick's Box Of Tricks By Sarah Hayes

Work Ethic By Forkbeard Fantasy

A Few Boxes More By 11-14 dance group

The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui By Brecht

Everybody Pays By Tom Banks, Semi devised after-piece for Arturo Ui

Creation & Tuesday Nights Devised by Juniors and joined by Youth In Motion

TYT Tell Four Stories, Folk tales scripted by Walters & Banks, Juniors

School & Which Way Next By Youth In Motion and Dance AKA 

Aesop By Walters, Outdoor production

Another Night Of Horror Performed by Juniors


Body Language By Youth In Motion & Dance AKA

People Zoo Devised by TYT Seniors

Martin Chuzzlewit By Dickens adapted from Walters

Dreamscape By Frantic Assembly , performed at Pegasus Theatre, Oxford

 Breakout Devised By Seniors

Escape From Kamelia Devised by Juniors

A Scoop Of A Play By Groves, Griffin & Grinshaw

100 Brothers Devised By Seniors

Performance! By Youth In Motion & Dance AKA

The World Has Had Enough By Tim Durkin, performed by Juniors



Musical By De Krester, Walters & Hayes, Performed by Seniors

OOMF (Oxfordshire's Own Millennium Festival Performed by Juniors & Seniors

Shakespeare fest By Juniors, Seniors & Youth In Motion

Moving Forward By Youth In Motion



Dance Mania By Youth In Motion, AKA & Bone Idle

Loofah Loofah Devised with Teatro Unfortunato

Melric The Magician Devised piece


Evacuees By Chris Adams & Michael Sullivan


Corker By Chris Walters


Summer Term show with Raw Dance

Christmas Bites by Emma Webb 

Did You Ever & Dance Performance By Callum Lafferty, Clare Davies & Alex Darby

A Confusion Of Errors By Chris Walters

X,Y,Z Men devised by cast & Callum Lafferty


Dance Express Joint Performance By Jo Griffiths

Emotions Of The Rainbow Devised By Alex S. Deacon & cast

Guys & Dolls By Damon Runyon 

Juniors Lighthouse Drama Devised by Clare Davies, Claire Emerson & cast