Past Productions

TYT has been going since the 1980s! Here's a selection of some of our past productions.


Spontaneous improvisation

Edward Bond

Devised & Scripted


Stephanie Devised

Next Please Spontaneous improvisation

The Sea by Edward Bond

A Christmas Miscellany Devised & Scripted

De Kretser, Walters & Hayes

Spontaneous Imrpovisation

David Calcutt




Musical by De Krester, Walters & Hayes (Apollo Theatre, Oxford)

Four Step Out Spontaneous improvisation

Theseus Tyrannos by David Calcutt

Four Short Plays Various

Scrooge Devised

Bertolt Brecht

Scripted & Devised


William Shakespeare


David Campton


Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht

Celts Scripted & Devised

Dr Robert's Cabinet of Dreams Devised

As You Like It by William Shakespeare

All Fall Down Devised

Timesneeze by Devid Campton

Denise Deegan

Chris Walters

Scripted & Devised

Georg Buchner

Alfred Jarry

Book & Music by Robert Deering

Street T


Daisy Pulls It Off by Denise Deegan

Jack In The Box by Chris Walters

Walls - Scripted & Devised

Woyzeck by George Buchner

Ubu Rex by Alfred Jarry

Where is Nellop's Sister Book & Music by Robert Deering

Carnival - Street Theatre with giant puppets

Jack In The Box by Chris Walters


Next Please

The Sea

A Christmas Miscellany


Romulus the Great by Friedrich Durrenmatt

Tea House By Lao She

Heads & Tales - Classic fairy tales scripted by Walters & devised

The Nose - Gogol, adapted by Paul Sherreard

Oddity Odyssey - Devised by Robert Deering & cast

We Want A Pool - Street Theatre

Double Crossing - Chris Walters

Nursery Crime - Chris Walters

Great Expectations - Dickens/Walters

Rounds - Patrick Collins

Peter and his Chairs - Devised


Next Please

The Sea

A Christmas Miscellany


The Passion by Tony Harrison

Melric the Magician by McKee/Walters

Second Time Lucky by Jo Mace

The Waiting Room by Tom Banks & Conor Begley

Pyrius D4 by Chris Walters

Nursery Crime by Chris Walters

Double Crossing by Chris Walters
Laura Causes a Fuss by Paul Sherrard
Writer's Block by Richard Jackson

Jekyll & Hyde by Stevenson adapted by Chris Walters

She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith
Cool Blue Valentine Cabaret By Robert Deering


Next Please

The Sea

A Christmas Miscellany


Directors Cut by Sarah Hayes

In It To Win It by Chris Walters

On the Goblin Rock by Deering & Hayes Musical 

The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Get Away by Tom Banks

Ouch! That Hurt devised by Juniors

The Nativity by Tony Harrison

Razzle Dazzle by Thame Youth Theatre


Next Please

The Sea

A Christmas Miscellany


Animal Farm by Orwell/Peter Hall

Melange A Trois by New Writing Triple Bill

The Prince, the lady part 1 by Chris Walters

Four For Dinner by Richard Jackson

Matilda by Dahl adapted Scourfield & Hall

The Greenberg Test devised Seniors

Captain Najork/The Red Apple by Hoban/Loof adapted by Walters/Hayes

The Prince, the lady & the Travelling by Walters


Indians by Arthur Kopit


Next Please

The Sea

A Christmas Miscellany


Flying Wright Brothers Devised

A New Year's Dream Devised

Little Shop Of Horrors by Ashman & Menken

Four Short Plays by Juniors/devised, Seniors/combined

Snapshots (centernary of Thame Cottage Hospital) by Chris Walters, juniors & Seniors combined

The Prince, the lady etc By Walters

Green Eye, Red, Circus: Theatre Chagall By Paintings in Performance visual arts & theatre

Purple Haze By Jenny Heap

Groovy & Green Cabaret By Thame Youth Theatre

Benson Shoe By Paul Sherreard

Mr Nick's Box Of Tricks By Sarah Hayes

Work Ethic By Forkbeard Fantasy

A Few Boxes More By 11-14 dance group

The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui By Brecht

Everybody Pays By Tom Banks, Semi devised after-piece for Arturo Ui

Creation & Tuesday Nights Devised by Juniors and joined by Youth In Motion

TYT Tell Four Stories, Folk tales scripted by Walters & Banks, Juniors

School & Which Way Next By Youth In Motion and Dance AKA 

Aesop By Walters, Outdoor production

Another Night Of Horror Performed by Juniors


Body Language By Youth In Motion & Dance AKA

People Zoo Devised by TYT Seniors

Martin Chuzzlewit By Dickens adapted from Walters

Dreamscape By Frantic Assembly , performed at Pegasus Theatre, Oxford

 Breakout Devised By Seniors

Escape From Kamelia Devised by Juniors

A Scoop Of A Play By Groves, Griffin & Grinshaw

100 Brothers Devised By Seniors

Performance! By Youth In Motion & Dance AKA

The World Has Had Enough By Tim Durkin, performed by Juniors



Musical By De Krester, Walters & Hayes, Performed by Seniors

OOMF (Oxfordshire's Own Millennium Festival Performed by Juniors & Seniors

Shakespeare fest By Juniors, Seniors & Youth In Motion

Moving Forward By Youth In Motion


Birthday Cabaret By Thame Youth Theatre


Dance Mania By Youth In Motion, AKA & Bone Idle

Loofah Loofah Devised with Teatro Unfortunato

Melric The Magician Devised piece


Evacuees By Chris Adams & Michael Sullivan


Corker By Chris Walters


Summer Term show with Raw Dance

Christmas Bites by Emma Webb 


Did You Ever & Dance Performance By Callum Lafferty, Clare Davies & Alex Darby

A Confusion Of Errors By Chris Walters

X,Y,Z Men devised by cast & Callum Lafferty

Black & White Cabaret By Thame Youth Theatre

Dance Express Joint Performance By Jo Griffiths

Emotions Of The Rainbow Devised By Alex S. Deacon & cast

Guys & Dolls By Damon Runyon 

Juniors Lighthouse Drama Devised by Clare Davies, Claire Emerson & cast


Revenge Of The Space Pandas By Alex S. Deacon

Werewolf Documentary By Callum Lafferty 

Mad Hatters Cabaret By Thame Youth Theatre


Round The World Cabaret By Thame Youth Theatre

Wolves In The Walls Devised by the juniors, Clare Davies 

Sparkle Sharks By Philip Ridley, Directed by Alex D

Woman Kind By Alex S Deacon

TYT Quiz By Thame Youth Theatre


rED oR dEAD Cabaret By Thame Youth Theatre

Our Country's Good By Alex S Deacon & Clare

Series Of Unfortunate Events Devised by  Juniors, Clare Davies & Rebecca Johnston

Two's Company, Three's A Comedy By Alex S Deacon

Nora's Ark By Hannah Duncan & Immy Niale 

Blackadder II By Rachel Atterton & Richard Carr

Shop, Go By Alex S Deacon

Sleeping Beauty By Alex S Deacon


Daz For Zoe By Joe Standerline 




Aesop The Musical By Thame Youth Theatre

Summer Project Performed By Summer Project 2009

20th Birthday Cabaret By Thame Youth Theatre


The Case Of The Stolen Diamond By the juniors drama 

Summer Holiday Dance By Thame Youth Theatre

Romeo & Juliet (Pirate Style) & MacBeth (Set In A Hospital) By Seniors Drama

Alice in Wonderland By Thame Youth Theatre

Giles Of Ham By Middies Drama

Hairspray Performed By Summer Project 2010

A Night At The Oscars Cabaret By Thame Youth Theatre

A Grimm Night By Juniors

Peter Pan By Middies 2


TYT Dream 

Justin in blunderland By Thame Youth Theatre

Pirates of the currybean By Thame Youth Theatre

Little Shop Of Horrors performed by Summer Project 2011

Wicked Lady By Thame Youth Theatre

Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone By Junior drama

Gargantua By Seniors Drama

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory By Thame Youth Theatre


Festival Day 

Guys & Dolls Performed By Summer Project 2012

Frog Prince By Juniors

Legends Of Music Dance Show By Thame Youth Theatre

Daisy Pulls It Off By James Dackers

Dance & Drama Festival By Thame Youth Theatre

Peter Pan, Wind In The Willows & Ye ha By Thame Youth Theatre

Jungle Book By Thame Youth Theatre

Haunted By Paige Fox-Rendle

Babe The Sheep/Pig By Thame Youth Theatre


Festival By Middies & Seniors

Alarms & Excursions By Michael Frayn

The Editing Room By Christine Harvey

Seniors & Dynamics Presentation Evening By Thame Youth Theatre

Grimms Fairytales By Thame Youth Theatre


Diamond On The Dance Floor By Thame Youth Theatre

Activate By Honeycomb Festival (Thame Youth Theatre Performs)

The Great Gatsby Of The 1920's By Thame Youth Theatre

Women & War By Tom Mackriell

Skellig By David Almond

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory By Thame Youth Theatre

Same! By Deborah Bruce

A Night At The Circus By Thame Youth Theatre

Dance Through The Decades By Thame Youth Theatre Dancers

Aladdin Jr Performed By Summer Project 2014


Doors, Keys & Legacies By Thame Youth Theatre

Just Another Saturday Night By Paige Fox-Rendle

Easter Egg Hunt By Paige Fox-Rendle

James & The Giant Peach by Tom Mackriell


Dancing through the alphabet By Thame Youth Theatre Dancers

Frog Prince & Nursery Crime By Thame Youth Theatre

Beauty & The Beast jr Performed By Summer Project 2016

The Night Before Christmas By Paige Fox-Rendle

Robin Hood & babes in the wood By Tom Mackriell


Oz performed by Summer Project 2017

Skellig performed by Company 2017

Live Love Dance choreographed by Louise and Nicki

Hocus Pocus By Tom Mackriell

Tales Of The Unexpected By Paige Fox-Rendle

The Lamb To The Slaughter By Clare Gosling

Roald Dahl & The Twits By Thame Youth Theatre

Elements By Thame Youth Theatre


Hercules Jr performed by Summer Project 2018

A Midsummer's Night Dream By Nicholas Osmond

Our Country's Good By Clare Gosling

Short Stories By Paige Fox-Rendle & Holly McCarthy

Idols Choreographed Louise & Nicki 

Toy Story Murder Mystery By Holly McCarthy

That's A Wrap By Clare Gosling

Tangled By Holly McCarthy

Bedtime Stories By Paige Fox-Rendle


Mulan jr Performed by Summer Project 2019

Hubble & Bubble By Holly McCarthy

Cat In The Hat, Green Eggs & Ham, Oh The Places You Will Go, Horton Hears A Who - Paige Rendle-Fox

The Mayor of Thame's Cabaret Evening By Thame Youth Theatre

Changing Room By Clare Gosling

A Christmas Carol By Holly McCarthy

Cinderella By Juniors drama

A Dr Suess Christmas Carol By Holly McCarthy

An Inspector Calls Back By Holly McCarthy 

I Love You Mom, I Promise I Wont Die By Clare Gosling

Dance The Night Away Choreogaphed By Louise & Nicki

Pronoun By Paige Fox-Rendle

Honeycomb Performed Thame Youth Theatre

Thame Carnival 

Peter Pan By Paige Rendle-Fox & Holly McCarthy

Showcase! By Thame Youth Theatre


The It By Paige Fox-Rendle


The Greatest Show Performed by Summer Project 21

Christmas Extravganza By Holly McCarthy, Christie Philips, Clare Gosling


Alice In Clockland By Holly McCarthy, Written by Maya Wakeling & Ellie Hall

The little Mermaid By Holly McCarthy

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here Written by John Davie

Variations By Paige Fox-Rendle

Shrek Far Far Away By Holly McCarthy

The Not So Mysterious Disappearance Of Cinderella by Chuck Novatka and Drama Notebook, Directed by Holly McCarthy 

The Hollow by Chuck Novatka and Drama Notebook, Directed by Holly McCarthy

Matilda Jr Performed by Summer Project 2022